Our vineyards are planted with massal selection of old vines of native grape varieties (Pecorino, Trebbiano Abruzzese and Montepulciano) and are located in the area of Cugnoli, near the beautiful Maiella and Gran Sasso mountains.The vineyards are located between 330 and 360 meters above sea level, in a beautiful windswept landscape that is characterized by high day-night temperature variations and a relatively cool microclimate. The estate owns 30 a total of hectares, divided into several plots, all situated close by the main body of the estate.

We not replace the entire Vineyard, ever. Only vine by vine as needed. The vines are replaced by young plants grown from buds of sister vines from same Vineyard.

Trebbiano abruzzese
Tiberio Vineyard Trebbiano Abruzzese

Trebbiano Abruzzese

The wine is made with 100% Trebbiano Abruzzese (Trebbiano Abruzzese is the name of the grape, while Trebbiano d’Abruzzo is the name of the wine). At Tiberio, we are fortunate to own vineyards of the authentic Trebbiano Abruzzese, a variety that has long been confused with other cultivars in Italy, such as Bombino Bianco, Mostosa, Pagadebit, and even the very low quality Trebbiano Toscano. Unfortunately, over the decades, nurseries sent out, in perfectly good faith, these other grapevines to those looking to plant Trebbiano Abruzzese. It follows that the majority of the region’s Trebbiano Abruzzese vineyards are actually a mix of different varieties that have different soil, exposure, rootstock and optimal harvest date requirements, leading to many less than stellar wines and accounting for Trebbiano d’Abruzzo’s lowly reputation.

At Tiberio, the Trebbiano Abruzzese vineyard is planted in the ancient canopy training system with a 100% massal selection of 55+ year old authentic Trebbiano Abruzzese vines at a density of 2500 vines/ha. The vineyards are located at an altitude of roughly 1100-1250 feet (350-400 meters) above sea level, sloping down from the Appenines toward the Adriatic Sea. The soil composition is mainly limestone with gravel-sandy subsoil. Alcoholic fermentation and elevage is in stainless steel tanks (no oak).

It is the old Trebbiano Abruzzese vineyard that sparked Riccardo Tiberio’s interest in the estate, leading him to quit his previous job at another winery, and to start a new life as proprietor of his own winery. Such is the power of a beautiful vineyard of very old, healthy vines!

-2.5 Ha
Average vine age       :   60 years
Vine training system :  canopy
Density                        :  2500 vines/Ha
Altitude                       :  350 meters a.s.l./1200feet
Soil composition        : mainly limestone with gravel-sandy subsoil
-3 Ha
Vine age                      : new vines planted in 2014 by massal selection
Vine training System : cordon training, exposed N
Density                        : 4000 vines/Ha
Altitude                       : 360 meters a.s.l./1200 feet
Soil composition        : limestone with a marly-gravel subsoil


Tiberio Pecorino vineyard
Tiberio Pecorino vineyard


The Pecorino vineyard is 15 years old, and was planted with massal selections by selecting the best and the oldest Pecorino vines growing throughout the Tiberio estate vineyards. Though the age of the vines is not especially old, this is still one of the oldest Pecorino vineyards in all of Abruzzo.

This state of affairs is due to the fact that since Pecorino wines have become so popular of late (indeed, it has been described as “Italy’s hottest white wine right now” by many experts), much Pecorino has been planted only very recently. Unfortunately, most of these new plantings in Abruzzo are of poor quality, high yielding clonal selections (Pecorino is a naturally a low yielding variety) all too often planted in flatland vineyards where the variety does not express itself to the fullest. This is because Pecorino’s natural habitat is higher hillside and mountainous slopes. When planted in seaside vineyards or at low altitudes, the grapes accumulate sugars very quickly and therefore need to be harvested too early, so that full polypheniolic ripeness is rarely achieved. Many thin, tart Pecorino wines on the market today do not speak at all of the variety.

The Pecorino vineyard at Tiberio is planted at an altitude of roughly 1250 feet above sea level (350-400 meters) ina mountainous area; the vines are trained with the Guyot system, and the soils are mainly limestone, with a marly-gravel subsoil.

A truly great Pecorino wine is always rich and glycerol, offering a tactile mouthfeel, but is also endowed with high total acidity, thereby offering a unique combination of texture and vibrancy. Tiberio’s Pecorino has been recognized in Italy as a benchmark wine for the variety.
-3.5 Ha
Average vine age       : 15 years
Vine training system : guyot, exposed N
Density                      : 4000 vines/Ha
Altitude                     : 360 meters a.s.l./ 1200 feet
Soil composition       : limestone with a marly-gravel subsoil

vigna Montepulciano neve
Tiberio Montepulciano Vineyard in winter

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo
– 4 Ha
Average vine age       :    52 years
Vine training system :  canopy
Density                        :   2500 vines/Ha
Altitude                        :  350 meters a.s.l./1200feet
Soil composition        : Limestone

Tiberio Montepulciano Vineyard guyot
Tiberio Montepulciano Vineyard guyot

-16 Ha
Average vine age        : 15 years
Vine training system  : guyot
Density                         : 4000 vines/Ha
Altitude                         : 360 meters a.s.l./ 1200 feet
Soil composition         : clay-calcareous